Besöksliv is a business magazine for owners and management in the Swedish hospitality industry. It is distributed 11 times a year.

Besöksliv is owned by Visita, the trade- and employer organization for the Swedish hospitality industry.

The magazine appeared for the first time in January 1916 and began as a weekly publication. Over the years the publishing frequency has varied. Since 1998 daily news are published on In April 2012 the magazine was renamed Besöksliv after 94 years as Restauratören.

Visita represents 6 000 workplaces, each of them receives the magazine through their memebership in Visita. Non members of Visita can subscribe.

Editor in chief is Johan Såthe. Publisher is Visitas CEO Eva Östling.

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Address: Industrigatan 4b, SE-112 46 Stockholm.

Telephone: +46-8-34 03 02.

Would you like to subscribe? Please contact Azieb Norevi at Visita.

Would you like to inform us about news? Please contact Besökslivs editorial.

Would you like more information? Please contact our editor in chief Johan Såthe.


Besöksliv Nyhetsbrev

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